Md;Selim Hasan Mehidi Shekh 21 May 2017
Heloo My Friend How Are You
Mita Das 26 Apr 2017
I need bangla converter that text are showing unable to conversion. I am facing problem bcoz i can not use. plsfix as early as possible. thanks.
Rahul Karmakar 16 Apr 2017
I frequently use this tool to convert bengali text to PNG format images. It's showing error in the conversion from last 2 days. Please fix as early as possible. Thanks.
UxgJffu 15 Jan 2017
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Ganesh 14 Jan 2017
i want bangla unicode convertor. My base font is ravinder. plz contact me - 9136197330
kb biswas 12 Jan 2017
do not set bangla language
Mohammad Forkan 08 Nov 2016
I need to install a Bangla font KongshoMJ. How can found it to install on my computer? so can I have help from anyone?
rubel 03 Oct 2016
kaushik sanyal 23 Sep 2016
pliz so mi bangla front
sumit 18 Sep 2016
hosonto ki deoya jay na . ki vabe debo ? keu janale upokrito hobo.
Pharme660 09 Sep 2016
Very nice site!
Johna185 08 Sep 2016
Hello. excellent job. I did not expect this. This is a great story. Thanks! dcdeddkgkdeb
KJ 03 Sep 2016
ফুলে ফুলে ভরে যাক তোমার ভুবন, রংধনুর মতো সাত রং এ রাঙ্গুক তোমার জীবন । দুঃখ কষ্ট গুলো হারিয়ে যাক দুর অজানার দেশে । তোমার জীবন যেনো সুখের সাগরে ভাসে । এই কামনা করি আমি বিধাতারি কাছে ।
milon 30 Aug 2016
destop size
Baneswar Das 24 Aug 2016
ali 19 Aug 2016
how to put a full stop (dari) in bangla?
s chakraborty 14 Aug 2016
How to write numbers in Bangla font? how to use the fullstop sign?
fotik 24 Jul 2016
how i will get bangla language
fotik 24 Jul 2016
bangla language
PIT 16 Jul 2016
How to write numbers in Bangla font? how to use the fullstop sign?
Naeem hasan 16 Jul 2016
khov valo,,tnx
জাহেদ 14 Jul 2016
খুব ভাল লাগল এর মত অারেকটি সেবা পেয়ে।
Debojyoti Naskar 28 Jun 2016
Please make a android app.... And since last few weeks, the page is not converting English into bengali, previously i used to convert when i used to open it by chrome from Android mobile
bdposhak 26 Jun 2016
digit not changing ?? problem from few days back , sometimes single digit changing but not all
Ganesh 17 Jun 2016
Hi, first all a big thanks for such a good usable tool. But my request is, How can I use this offline, where internet not available.